Listers & Property Assessment

          The Board of Listers' primary responsibility is to appraise as accurately and equitably as possible, all real property in the town in compliance with the Vermont State Statutes.  The Grand List is a list of all properties in Lincoln and their assessments. 
          Lincoln has elected Listers, each serving a term of three years. Listers work as the job requires. The Listers can frequently be found on the roads of Lincoln doing site inspections, measuring buildings, checking for changes, determining accurate land grade, and double checking the accuracy of the files. The Listers maintain paper files on each taxable and non-taxable parcel. We also maintain computer records of all property files. The Listers are responsible for updating all property transfer records.  
          If you would like to meet with the Listers, please call the Town Office at (802) 453-2980 to schedule an appointment, or email