Polling Place Code of Conduct

Adopted by the Lincoln Board of Civil Authority January 18, 2017

  1. No campaigning materials may be worn, or displayed inside the polling place, by poll workers, voters, or the general public. 17V.S.A2508(a)(1)(2)
  2. No use of personal electronic communication devices in the polling place, please.
  3. People campaigning outside the polling place must stand ten (10) feet off the sidewalks and parking areas, and may not impede voters from entering or exiting. No signs or campaign materials may be left on the Polling Place property. Campaign signs unaccompanied by a person, will be removed by the Presiding Officer on Election Day.
  4. Campaign literature, for the purposes of aiding a voter, may be carried into and removed from the voting booth by the voter.
  5. Voters place their own ballot(s) into the ballot box. 17 V.S.A. 2506
  6. Poll watchers must stand to the side of the poll workers.
  7. Poll watchers may not speak to the poll workers while they are working. If the poll watcher has objections, he/she must discuss them with the Presiding Officer, not the poll worker. The poll watcher may periodically look at the entrance/exit checklists, with the permission of the Presiding Officer.
  8. Any person should ask permission from the Presiding Officer before photographing or interviewing poll workers. At no time should poll workers be interrupted from doing their jobs.
  9. Surveys, exit polls, or other solicitations are not allowed inside the designated polling place.
  10. If at any time, a question arises, the Presiding Officer alone or along with any Lincoln Board of Civil Authority member present, will make a decision about conduct at the polling place. 17 V.S.A. 2451
  11. If concerns or questions about this policy exist, please let the Town Clerk know, and they will be addressed at a properly warned meeting of the Lincoln Board of Civil Authority at another time. Rules will not be changed on an election day.