Highway Department

          The Lincoln Highway Department is responsible for maintenance and improvement of the Town's fifty-two miles of roads as well as bridges, ditches, and culverts. The Lincoln Highway Department consists of a supervisor and a small, flexible crew and occasionally, contractors.
          We strive to provide high quality maintenance and upgrading of the roads to keep the travelling public safe. 
         The Highway Supervisor works with the Selectboard to do strategic planning to set priorities for large projects while helping assure smaller projects also receive attention. Together we work with Addison County Regional Planning and the State to secure grants as they become available- stretching our tax dollars further. Among the tasks of the Highway Department are winter plowing, right-of-way and drainage maintenance, sign replacement, and road paving. We get out as quickly as we can during and after snowstorms, windstorms, and heavy rains to clear the roads. 
Reminder from the Highway Department For Safety's Sake:
Please slow down in bad weather when roads are icy or snowy, and when you are in a work zone.
Apply for Municipal Excess Weight Permit Download and fill in the application and mail it with your payment ($5 for a single vehicle, $10 for a fleet) and a certificate of liability insurance to: Selectboard Assistant, 62 Quaker St, Lincoln VT 05443