Voter Information

Click here for results from the Lincoln Local Election on March 5, 2019:     Election results 3.5.2019

Nominations, Petitions for Candidate for Office:

Nominations of the municipal officers shall be by petition. The petition shall be filed with the Town Clerk, together with a written consent of the prospective nominee to the printing of his/her name on the ballot, no later than 5:00 p.m. on the sixth Monday preceding the day of the election. A petition shall contain the name of only one candidate. A voter shall not sign more than one petition for the same office, unless more than one nomination is to be made, in which case he/she may sign as many petitions as there are nominations to be made for the same office. A person consenting to be nominated may withdraw by notifying the Town Clerk in writing no later than 5:00 pm on the Wednesday after the filing deadline.

List of Town Officials we will be voting on at the 2019 Annual Town Meeting Election:

  • Selectboard, (1 year remaining of a 2-year term)
  • Selectboard (2-year term)
  • Selectboard (3-year term)
  • Town Clerk (1-year term)
  • Treasurer (1-year term)
  • First Constable (1-year term)
  • Second Constable (1-year term)
  • Collector of Delinquent Taxes (1-year term)
  • Town Meeting Moderator (1-year term)
  • Agent to Prosecute & Defend Suits (1-year term)
  • Grand Juror (1-year term)
  • Agent to Deed Real Estate (1-year term)
  • Lister (3-year term)
  • Mt. Abraham Unified School District Director (1 year remaining of a 3-year term)
  • Two Lincoln Library Trustees (3-year term each)

Applications to be added to the Voter Checklist:

A person who desires to register to vote in an election shall, during regular hours, file an application in the office of the Town Clerk in which he/she claims to be a resident. If the regular hours don’t work for you, please call to make an appointment.  Applications shall be accepted until 7:00 p.m. on the day of the election.

Absentee Voting:

A voter, who expects to be an absent voter, or an authorized person on his/her behalf, may apply to the Town Clerk for early/absentee ballots until 5:00 p.m. on the day preceding the election. Absentee ballot requests may be made by telephone, in person, in writing, by fax or e-mail, and shall be valid for only one election.
A person may vote early, in person at the Town Clerk’s Office; by mail; by picking your ballot up and bringing it home to be voted; or, if ill or needing help, a pair of Justices will bring the ballot to your home on the day of the election. We must hand or mail early ballots directly to the voter, you cannot send a courier to pick one up for you. Please leave enough time for mailing, especially if you will be overseas, or if you are unable to come in to the office. If you have questions regarding absentee voting, please call the Town Clerk’s Office.

Town Meeting Access for Persons with Disabilities:

The entrances to the Burnham Hall Town Meeting are the basement doors closest to East River Road on both sides of the building. The entrance on the Southeast side of Burnham Hall is also a drive-up handicapped entrance, accessible via the U-shaped driveway. Voters with limited mobility are encouraged to use this drive-up entrance. For traffic flow safety, please enter the driveway at the end nearest the building, and exit back onto the road at the end farthest from the building, where there is better visibility for oncoming traffic.  An elevator is located off the hallway between the bathrooms, which will take you to the second floor where town meeting is held.  Please contact the Town Clerk or a Board of Civil Authority member prior to the meeting if you have questions or need assistance.

If you are a voter who needs assistance with any aspect of voting, you may:

  • Request an absentee ballot to take home with you, or have it mailed to you, prior to Election Day. (You cannot send someone else to pick up the ballot for you, so leave enough time for mailing, if you can’t come into the office to pick it up yourself. We must hand the blank ballot to the voter.)
  • Bring someone with you to help you vote.
  • Ask for two Election Officials to help you vote.
  • Ask for curbside voting (two Election Officials will bring your ballot out to your vehicle).
  • Request that a pair of Justices bring a ballot to your home.
  • Ask about using a ballot marking tool, which is available for statewide and federal elections.

If you have suggestions, or if there is any other way we can assist you with voting, please call the Town Clerk ahead of time, so we can be sure to accommodate your needs. You can also call any of the Justices of the Peace or Selectboard members.

Electioneering Communication

The Lincoln Board of Civil Authority (BCA) would like to remind members of the community that campaign electioneering communications are regulated by Vermont Law, V.S.A. Title 17, Subchapter 8, Sections 2891, 2892, and 2893. The BCA has adopted a Polling Place Code of Conduct (see below), which is also available at the Town office upon request.

Polling Place Code of Conduct

Lincoln, Vermont Polling Place Code of Conduct
Adopted by the Lincoln Board of Civil Authority
November 2, 2006—revised October 28, 2010

  1. No campaigning materials may be worn, or displayed inside the polling place, by poll workers, voters, or the general public.
  2. No cell phone conversations in the polling place, please.
  3. No signs, literature, or people campaigning on the Burnham property, including the parking lot near the bridge.
  4. Any outdoor campaign signs, on the polling place property, must be attended by a person.
  5. Campaign literature, for the purposes of aiding a voter, may be carried into and removed from the voting booth by the voter.
  6. Voters place their own ballot(s) into the ballot box.
  7. Poll watchers must stand to the side of the poll workers.
  8. Poll watchers may not speak to the poll workers while they are working. If the poll watcher has objections, he/she must discuss them with the Presiding Officer, not the poll worker. The poll watcher may periodically look at the entrance/exit checklists, with the permission of the Presiding Officer.
  9. Any person should ask permission from the Presiding Officer before photographing or interviewing poll workers. At no time should poll workers be interrupted from doing their jobs.
  10. Surveys, exit polls, or other solicitations are not allowed inside the designated polling place.
  11. If at any time, a question arises, the Presiding Officer alone or along with any Lincoln Board of Civil Authority member present, will make a decision about conduct at the polling place.
  12. If concerns or questions about this policy exist, please let the Town Clerk know, and they will be addressed at a properly warned meeting of the Lincoln Board of Civil Authority at another time. Rules will not be changed on an election day.