Location of the town garage:  281 South Lincoln Road

Our hard working road crew consists of …..

Dave Cavoretto (Foreman)
Bob Munson
Phil Bedell

If you have a road problem to report, call (802)453-3703.

If you have a complaint, please contact the Selectboard via the Town Clerk (802) 453-2980, or by email.

Our roads have been posted against heavy weight vehicles due to spring mud season.  Please contact our Road Foreman, Dave Cavoretto, at (802)453-3703 if you have an urgent need for exceeding road weight limits.

The top of the Lincoln Gap Road to Warren is officially closed for the winter, and it is not maintained for travel.  In the summer season, please use caution while navigating this high elevation road.  Frost, hail, tree branches, slippery wet leaves, and other hazards may be present, especially with summer storms.  Hikers, cyclists, dogs, and children may be in the roadway near the top.  Be sure to park well off the road so emergency vehicles can get through if necessary.  Thank you!