Lincoln Volunteer Fire Company

For emergencies, dial 9-1-1.  You will reach a dispatcher, who will send the appropriate fire, rescue, or police official(s) on duty.

Burn Permits:  Call Matt Atkins at (802)349-9142 to get permission for burning outdoors.

The Lincoln Volunteer Fire Company has 34 members, many of whom are trained to be first responders as well as fire fighters.  If you call for an ambulance, don’t be surprised to see one of our volunteer firefighters on scene before the ambulance arrives. Firefighters remind everyone to install smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, and to check them regularly.

Fire Chief:  Dan Ober  (802) 349-3594

First Asst. Chief:  Matt Atkins  (802) 453-8423

Second Asst. Chief:  Dudley Leavitt, Jr.  (802) 453-5791

Fire Warden:  Matt Atkins  (802) 349-9142

President:  Alan Kamman (802) 349-4588  [Call for non-emergency Fire Company business.]

Mailing Address: Lincoln Vol. Fire Company, 34 Gove Hill Road, Lincoln, VT 05443