Lincoln Property Taxes

Read the questions and answers below. If you still have questions, contact Town Treasurer Lisa Truchon at the town office (802) 453-2980 or at

Frequently Asked Questions about Tax Payments: (Written by Sally Ober, Town Clerk)

When are property taxes due?
We collect property taxes in two installments each year. The due dates for the 2020-21 tax year are Wed., Oct. 14, 2020 and Wed., March 11, 2021.

What are the dates of Lincoln’s tax year?  Our town runs on a fiscal year cycle, not on a calendar year.  Our fiscal year begins on July 1 of each year, and it ends on June 30th.

Can I pay the whole thing at once?
Yes, you can pay the whole thing at once if that is what you prefer. Make the payment on or before Oct. 14 to avoid interest charges.

It is really hard for us to come up with these big payments all at once. Can I pay monthly or quarterly instead?
Yes! If it is easier for you to pay in smaller increments, we will accept your payments at any time of the year. Just make sure you meet the deadlines to avoid interest and penalty charges.

What if I can’t make the entire payment by October 14th?
Even if you can only make a partial payment, it will save you some interest charge. We do accept partial payments. Beginning on Oct. 15, any remaining balance of the first installment will be subject to 0.5% interest per month.

Can I pay my bill with a credit card?
No, the Town of Lincoln can not accept credit card payments of any kind.  We prefer payment by check or money order.  If you must pay with cash, please bring the exact amount.

What if I can’t manage to make the March 10th payment?
Any amount unpaid by March 11, will be subject to a one-time 8% penalty plus 0.5% interest per month. If you can make a partial payment, it will save you from a larger penalty and interest charge .

Does the Town accept payments that are postmarked by the due date?
Yes. Lincoln accepts the postmarked date if we can read it.

I would prefer to pay my tax bill in person. What if I can’t get to the office during the regular office hours posted on the door?
There is a secure drop box next to the office door (check and money orders only). You can leave your payment inside the box 24 hours/day. There are lights on the walkway along the building if you come after dark. We empty the box daily.

It would be more convenient if I could just drop my payment at the Town Clerk’s home when I pass by.
I am honored to know you trust me so much that you would actually consider this thought, but it is absolutely not a sound practice for many reasons. I have heard that other towns do this, but we are not “other towns”. Please either mail your payment or bring it directly to the office where it belongs.

Still have questions?

Contact Town Treasurer, Lisa Truchon, at the town office (802)453-2980 or at