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Snow Parking Ban

No person owning, operating or controlling a motor vehicle, shall park, or cause to be parked, said motor vehicle on any street or road within the Town of Lincoln so as to obstruct the plowing of snow from November 15th through April 15th, both inclusive; provided, however, that the foregoing shall not apply to motor vehicles owned, operated or controlled by persons attending the sick or injured, or attending church services. *

*A rticle IX of the Town of Lincoln Traffic Ordinance, dated July 1 2003. Original copy is in the Town Ordinances Book, Volume 1, at the Lincoln Town Office.

Lincoln Gap:
We want to remind you that in spite of the sometimes balmy weather, the Lincoln Gap Road is closed from October through May. If you choose to go over the Gap, you do so totally at your own risk. Town trucks and tow trucks will not come sand, plow or tow you if you get stuck.  Of course, if you are lost or injured and need emergency care, call 9-1-1, but be prepared to wait as rescue teams will likely be coming to you on foot since the road is not maintained in winter. Even if your GPS says the road is open, kindly remind yourself that you are smarter than your GPS, because you can read the sign that says “Road Closed.”

Transfer Station:
And one more winter reminder: If you are at the Transfer Station when the plow is there, please wait in the driveway until they are done clearing the drop-off areas. When the plow heads out, you can go in. Even if it seems to you that there is plenty of room for everyone if you park “out of the way”, in fact it takes them longer to plow and can be unsafe.

Traffic Control Ordinance

Pursuant to the provisions of Title 23, Vermont Statutes Annotated, Section 1007 and 1008, and Title 24, Vermont Statutes Annotated Sections 1971 and 2291 (1)(4) and (5), and such other general enactments as may be material hereto, it is hereby ordained by the Selectboard of the Town of Lincoln that the following Traffic Ordinance is adopted for the Town of Lincoln, Vermont.

The definitions of Title 23, Vermont Statutes Annotated, Section 4 are incorporated by

The ordinance establishes special traffic regulations on public highways within the
Town of Lincoln, Vermont.

Section 1. It shall be unlawful for any person to disobey the direction of a traffic
control device except in response to the direction of a law enforcement officer.
Section 2. It shall be unlawful for any person to intentionally remove, injure, obstruct,
deface, alter, or tamper with any traffic control device.
Section 3. It shall be unlawful for any person to install any sign or device which may
resemble or be mistaken for an official traffic control device, without prior approval of
the Town of Lincoln, Selectboard.

1. East River Road, West River Road.- A maximum speed of 30 mph from Garland Bridge to the Bristol town line.
2. Quaker Street – A maximum of 30 mph from the intersection of East and West River Roads to Downingsville Road.
3. All other roads in the Town of Lincoln shall have a maximum of 35 mph.

SECTION I. The following intersections shall be designated as “Stop” intersections and shall be signed:
1. Browns Road at both ends.
2. Gove Hill Road at East River Road.
3. Quaker Street at East River Road.
4. Creamery Street at Quaker Street.
5. Creamery Street at East River Road.
6. Downingsville Road at Quaker Street.
7. Forge Hill Road at West River Road.
8. Hall Road at Downingsville Road.
9. Purinton Road, East at Downingsville Road.
10. French Settlement Road at South Lincoln Road.
11. York Hill Road at West River Road.
12. Atkins Road at West River Road.
13. Geary Road at both ends.

SECTION 2. The following intersections shall be designated as “Yield” intersections and shall be signed:
1. Ripton Road at South Lincoln Road.
2. South Lincoln Road at Lincoln Gap Road/Garland Bridge.
3. Robinson Road at Hall Road.
4. Forge Hill Road at Quaker Street.

SECTION I. It shall be unlawful to park between signs on the north side of East
River Road across from Burnham Hall.

SECTION 2. It shall be unlawful to park in designated disabled parking without a
placard or license.

SECTION I. No vehicle shall be driven or moved on any street unless such vehicle
is so constructed or loaded so as to prevent its contents from
dropping sifting, leaking or otherwise escaping there from.


SECTION I. each violation of a provision of the ordinance shall be deemed a
separate offense.

SECTION 2. The provisions of this ordinance shall be cumulative to the fullest
extent permitted by law, with respect to all other statutes or
ordinances now or hereafter adopted, regardless of their order of
passage or enactment. Penalties for speeding are set by the
Vermont State Statute, Title 23 USA 1007: Local speed limits.

SECTION 3. The provisions of this ordinance are declared to be severable, and if
any provision hereof be adjudged invalid, such judgment shall not
affect the validity of any other provision.

SECTION 4. This ordinance may be referred to as The Lincoln Traffic Ordinance.
In the prosecution of an ordinance violation, a certified copy of the
ordinance is sufficient as prima-facie proof of the ordinance and its
validity. An allegation that the acts constituting the offense are
contrary to the ordinance is also sufficient as a charge. 12 V.S.A.

SECTION 5. Repeal of Prior Ordinance: Any other ordinance or traffic
regulation heretofore adopted by the Town of Lincoln is hereby

SECTION 6. This ordinance shall be published in the Addison Independent
on Monday, July 7, 2003 and shall be filed with the Lincoln
Town Clerk on July 2, 2003.

Adopted by the Selectboard, Town of Lincoln at its meeting held on the 1st day of July,

* Clerk’s Note: The original copy with signatures is on file in the Town Office, Town
Ordinances Book, Volume 1 Page115.

Dog Noise Control

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