Lincoln Community School (LCS)

Lincoln Community School

795 East River Road

Lincoln Vermont 05443

Phone: 802-453-2119

The Lincoln Community School has an experienced, cohesive faculty, administration, and staff. Students attending the school develop academic skills and knowledge as well as a sense of belonging to a community. Parents support the school albeit with differing levels of interest and energy. The community-school relationship is positive, with collaboration initiated by both members of the school and the greater community.

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Lincoln Community School Board

The mission of all school boards is to provide the best possible education, to the greatest number of students, at the most reasonable cost.

Meetings are held the third Monday of each month, 6:00pm, LCS library.

Current Members

Rebecca Otey (Chair):
Mary Beth Stilwell (Clerk):
Christie Sumner:
Ari Kirshenbaum:
Scott Bernoudy:


Addison Northeast Supervisory Union Board

This group hears reports and makes decisions that affect the entire supervisory union.
Each local school in the five-town area has three representatives. Lincoln’s members are Ari Kirshenbaum, Mary Beth Stilwell, and Christie Sumner.

Meetings are held at least twice a year in the MAUHS cafeteria.

Addison Northeast Supervisory Union Executive Committee

The ANESU Board designates this group to handle district-wide routine business, and where required, to review issues and make recommendations. Each local school in the five-town area has one representative on this committee, usually the local board chair. Lincoln’s member is Rebecca Otey. Meetings are held as needed, usually about eight times per year, in the MAUHS library.

Mount Abraham Union Middle and High School Board

This group oversees the middle and high schools just as the LCS board oversees the local elementary school. Each local school in the five-town area has two representatives on this board. Lincoln’s members are Barry Olson and Sandy Lee.

Meetings are held on the first and third Tuesdays of each month in the MAUHS library.


Lincoln Cooperative Preschool

This is a parent-run school for children ages 3-5 years.  Preschool helps children develop social and literacy skills to prepare them for entering kindergarten.

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Minutes and Agendas Schools

2017 March 6 basic School Meeting Minutes:

Download pdf here

2017 Hannaford Budget Vote Warning:

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2017 Mt. Abe Budget Vote Warning:

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Sample Ballot March 7, 2017:

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2017 School Meeting Warning:

Download pdf here

2016 Annual School Meeting Minutes:

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Mt. Abe Budget Re-Vote June 9th, 2015 Warning:

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Mt. Abe Budget Vote Warning April 14, 2015:

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