Celebrating 100 years of the Burnham Foundation in 2019!

Contribute to our Centennial Campaign by mailing to:  The Burnham Foundation, 62 Quaker St., Lincoln, VT 05443.  Thank you for keeping the heart of our community strong!

Burnham Hall is a beautifully restored building in the center of Lincoln, located at 52 East River Road, across from the Lincoln General Store.  This historical building serves as Lincoln’s polling place and meeting hall, and is a wonderful location to hold private or community events.  The basement level features a large kitchen with lots of tables and chairs for feeding a crowd.  The upstairs is an open room with folding chairs, which contains a stage with lighting.  The stage area is able to accommodate sound systems and visual presentations.  There is elevator access to the second floor.

Burnham Hall is operated by the Walter S. Burnham Foundation Committee:  Brian McDonough, Lisa Goodyear-Prescott, Greg Orvis, Ann Pollender, Will Sipsey, David Wetmore, Bill Finger, Paul Forlenza, Ellie Bryant, and Oakley Smith.


Each Tuesday At Burnham Hall
8:00 a.m.

To reserve Burnham Hall, contact Jodi Gale at (802)453-2785.

Mailing Address:  Burnham Foundation, 62 Quaker St., Lincoln, VT 05443