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Notice of Select Board Vacancy

Town of Lincoln

Notice of Select Board Vacancy

Pursuant to Title 24 VSA 961 (a):

Notice is hereby given of a vacancy on the Lincoln  Select Board effective August 7, 2018.

The Lincoln Select Board will appoint an eligible person to fill the vacancy until the next annual town meeting (March 2019)..

Interested eligible voters of the Town of Lincoln who wish to be considered for appointment by the Select Board may submit a letter of interest not later than August 20, 2018  to Bill Finger, Chair, Lincoln Select Board, 62 Quaker Street, Lincoln, VT 05443 or

Submit petitions for Town Meeting now

Town Meeting ballot petitions are due by Jan. 29th (but appreciated sooner!), and require 11 signatures along with a completed consent form.  Ask Town Clerk, Sally Ober, for details:  (802)453-2980.

Part-time Bookkeeper Job Description

Lincoln Select Board seeks a qualified bookkeeper to work part-time, processing accounts receivable and accounts payable and preparing timely and accurate financial reports. Accounting/Bookkeeping education and experience required. Specific experience with NEMRC accounting system is desired. Full job description available on-line at or at the Lincoln Town Office, 62 Quaker Street, Lincoln, VT 05443. Resumes and/or letters of interest should be submitted to the above address or by e-mail to

Town  of  Lincoln,  Vermont

November 2, 2017


This  is  specialized,  advanced  clerical  work  involving  the  application  of  basic  bookkeeping principles  and  practices  in  the  maintenance  of  financial  records  and  more  complex  clerical tasks.

  • Position is  responsible  for  applying  basic  bookkeeping  principles  to  a  range  of  financial

records  such  as  general  ledger,  payroll,  accounts  payable  and  receivable  as  well  as  preparing  tax  bills.

  • Position reports to the Select Board Chair and may provide  clerical  assistance  to  the  Select Board  which  involves  diversified clerical  duties  which  require  general  knowledge  of  all departmental  and  Town  functions.


  • Prepares periodic  reports  relating  to  the  financial  condition  of  the  Town
  • Examines and  checks  vouchers,  invoices  and  other  financial  documents  for  compliance

with  laws  and  ordinances  and  accuracy  of  computations

  • Computes and  prepares,  prints  and  is  responsible  for  distribution  of  tax  bills,  posts

monthly  interest  on  delinquent  taxes  and  prepares  reminder  notices

  • Presents warrants  to  Select  Board  and  distributes  payments  following  board  approval
  • Aids in  preparation  of  the  budget  and  town  report
  • Ensures completion  of  new  hire  documentation,  including:  W-4s,  insurance  papers,

personnel  and  procedures  policies

  • Set up  personnel  files
  • Prepares W-2s  and  1099,  workers  compensation  audit  binder,  schedules  and  attends

workers  compensation  audit

  • Prepare and  submit  all  payroll  reports,  unemployment,  941  federal  and  state  withholding,

retirement  and  fringe  benefits

  • Receives all  unusual  cash  receipts,  including:  escrow  payments,  grants,  insurance

proceeds,  loan  payments 

Town  of  Lincoln,  Vermont

November 2, 2017


  • Prepares  and  reconciles  bank  deposits
  • Reconciles all  bank  statements  and  maintains  all  fund  accounts.  Assists  auditors  during
    annual  audit  with  regard  to  the  preparation  of  financial  statements
  • Assists attorneys  final  tax  figures
  • Prepares and  provides  information  to  the  auditors  examining  the  financial  records  of  the


  • Coordinates functions and activity with the Town Treasurer


  • Knowledge of  bookkeeping  principles  and  practices  and  their  application  to  accounting


  • Knowledge of  modern  office  practices  and  procedures
  • Ability to  maintain  financial  records  and  prepare  financial  reports
  • Ability to  make  and  verify  computations  for  accuracy
  • Ability to  make  decisions  according  to  established  procedures
  • Ability to  follow  and  understand  complex  oral  and  written  instructions
  • Skill in  the  operation  of  personal  computers  and  other  office  equipment
  • Knowledge and  experience  using  computerized  accounting  systems
  • Knowledge and  experience  with  NEMRC  municipal  software
  • Familiarity with  Windows  and  Microsoft  applications
  • Fluent in the use of MS Word and MS Excel
  • Ability to  establish  and  maintain  an  effective  working  relationship  with  the  public  and

other  employees



  • Associate’s Degree  in  Accounting
  • Excellent public  relations  skills;  be  a  team  player  and  able  to  establish  and  maintain

working  relationships  with  employees,  elected  officials  and  the  public

  • Must be  organized  and  able  to  work  under  pressure  and  meet  deadlines.  •  Experience  in

municipal  accounting  procedures  and  with  NEMRC  accounting  software  is  preferred,  but not  required.










Position Open – Select board Minute Taker

Select Board Minutes Taker