Recycling Drop Off & Transfer Station Changes

By Bill Finger  |  December 14, 2016  |  Alert

Town of Lincoln

Public Notice

Recycling Drop Off and Transfer Station Users

Lincoln’s solid waste and recycling transfer facility will have a new operator, effective Saturday, December 17. Randy Orvis dba MOOSE Trash and Recycling will manage and operate the facility off Downingsville Road. Household trash for disposal and recyclable materials will be collected in separate trailers at the transfer station. MOOSE will haul the collected material to the Addison County Solid Waste Transfer Station in Middlebury.

The only differences you will notice at the transfer station will be a trailer substituted for a packer truck to receive bagged trash. Recyclables will be deposited in a separate trailer instead of a roll-off container. Individuals working at the transfer station will be employed by MOOSE rather than the Town of Lincoln. Tire disposal will cost $4.00 per tire for average passenger car or light truck tires. Larger tires will cost more.

The following will remain the same:

  1. Operating Hours will remain 8:00 AM – 1:00 PM every Saturday
  2. Transfer Station stickers, available to Lincoln residents at the Town Clerk’s Office or Lincoln General Store will still be required.
  3. Trash disposal will cost $5.00 per regular size trash bag. Larger or smaller bags may cost more or less depending on size as determined by the attendant.
  4. Recycling will continue to be free of charge.
  5. Lumber or construction materials or debris will not be accepted at the transfer station. (ACSWMD Transfer Station in Middlebury will accept this material)
  6. Clean metal items will be accepted. NO MAJOR APPLIANCES (ACSWMD Transfer Station in Middlebury will accept these items)

Your cooperation in proper disposal of trash and recycling will help assure continued operation of this facility at a reasonable cost.


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