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January 31st Deadline for Green Up Vermont’s Poster Design and Writing Contests

Deadline for Green Up Vermont’s Poster Design and Writing Contests ends January 31st. Please help us spread the word by sharing this promotional video, created by Emily Ferro, starring Eli and Ira Ferro of Tunbridge, Vermont:

Green Up Day Coordinator Needed

greenupbannerFor the past few years, Heather Richards has volunteered to be the Green Up Day Coordinator for Lincoln. Heather’s family is looking forward to ways of bringing some healing to their hearts. Heather and Shawn’s young children are hoping that Green Up Day will still be a great event, and they look forward to being a part of it. Since Heather has recently passed away, we are looking for a volunteer to take over the role of Coordinator.

Our beautiful surroundings deserve some annual attention, as we welcome the spring weather on the first Saturday in May. If anyone is willing to step up and take charge of this annual event, please contact me at the Town Office. The job involves organizing trash haulers, assigning routes for clean up crews, a raffle, a picnic, and any other aspects you would like to bring to this community event. One thing’s for sure. You won’t have to work too hard to find volunteers for roadside clean up. People always show up.

Thank you for considering this opportunity to get involved.
Sally Ober, Lincoln Town Clerk