Known primarily for its beautiful natural surroundings, Lincoln is situated at the foot of Mount Abraham and the village center rests on the banks of the New Haven River. Surrounded by forests and farms, the town values its scenic beauty and rural character. Lincoln is about a half-hour drive from major ski areas Mad River Glen and Sugarbush.

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Town News and upcoming events

Dog Licenses Due April 1

We are processing dog licenses through the mail or via our drop box this year.  Please submit a copy of your dog’s current rabies certificate along with a payment of fees.  We will mail your dog tag to you.  The fee is $15 for a spayed or neutered dog and $19 if it is intact.  (Please add the late license fee if you skipped this last year:  $17-neutered and $23-intact.)

Roads are posted

Our Road Foreman has officially posted weight limits on Lincoln’s dirt roads as of March 9, 2021.  If you have an excess weight vehicle and need to travel on these surfaces for any reason, please contact Dave Cavoretto, in advance, at (802)453-3703.